Connect, Rule, and Analyze your Things

Starting your IoT service right away!

No worry about connecting devices, creating own application and complex server system.

Getting your IoT devices connected with ease!

Thing+ Gateway, connecting diverse IoT devices and the cloud, is already made for your embedded Linux based gateway.

Getting your IoT app ready for all screens!

Full scale IoT Web app is already made for all screens.

Use Cases

Cold Trace System

This service provides real-time monitoring of frozen / refrigerated warehouses scattered throughout Brazil. By doing this, the quality of the stored food can be guaranteed and the problem of the refrigerating equipments can be avoided in advance.

Retail Food Care Service

This service provides real-time monitoring for fresh food and frozen food in large retail stores.

One customer, Shibata  is one of large […]

Farm Facilities Management

This service provides a real-time monitoring and control of the cultivation environment of various crops. Unmanned automation can be set according to the characteristics of each crop. This improves the yield by providing the optimal crop growing environment in a energy efficient way.

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